Carpentry takeoff and estimating software

Is it time to take your carpentry business to the next level? Buildxact is ready to get you there. 

From bid proposal through takeoff-to-invoice, Buildxact brings it all together into one easy-to-use software package. Cloud-based, so nothing to download or install. Use on any device, anywhere. 

Benefits of carpentry project takeoff & estimating software

Save time & money

No more late nights on the computer trying to get on top of everything. No more costly outsourcing and delays. Take control of your takeoffs and estimates in house so you can bid faster, with confidence. Complete carpentry project takeoffs 80% faster, quote 5x quicker, and get more time back in your day.

Improve accuracy

Carpenters know that accurate estimates can make or break your business. We do, too! Measure for materials, labor, and plan project schedules without risky manual calculations or piles of paper everywhere. Build profitable bids in less time for everything from wood to fasteners even on complex assemblies.

Win more work

Get more profitable carpentry projects through the door with reliable digital bidding straight from your takeoffs & estimates. Stand out from the pack with fast responses, professional-looking quotes, and prompt communication with dealers, other contractors, and homeowners.

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Increase profitability

Be confident that your project is profitable from the first takeoff to final invoice. Simple carpentry, framing, and woodworking project management tools mean you can track jobs and costs from start to finish so you’ll never miss a thing.

Reduce uncertainty

Remove the guesswork of your project’s profitability with a clear view of budgets in real-time. Easily integrate with your existing accounting software and sync invoices and purchase orders. It’s easy to get up and running. A lot less admin, and less risk of mistakes.

A better way to manage your
carpentry business

Buildxact acts as the center of a carpenter’s construction and remodeling business by managing leads, completing takeoffs, creating estimates, producing quotes, managing schedules and purchases, communicating with other contractors and invoicing customers.

Quick to get started with and easy-to-use, so you can start completing online takeoffs in as little as an hour. If you need a hand, our support team is only a call away.


Key features of Buildxact carpentry project software

Cloud-based | Instant access | Mobile-friendly 

Accurate online takeoffs

Upload your PDF plans and complete takeoffs online up to 80% faster than if done manually. 

Get accurate estimates even for complex structures.

Quickly generate takeoff data in cubic, lineal, square, and pitched measurements. 

Scale and measure seamlessly in just a few clicks and price jobs in one step with takeoffs automatically linked to item costs with direct connections to dealers. 

Reusable estimate templates

Use our carpentry estimating software to create your estimates from pre-built templates including framing, fencing, and extensions. 

Build custom templates to deliver estimates based on individual items, linear feet, and squared feet.

Once you have a library of custom templates, you’ll be able to bid faster for similar projects with just a few tweaks. No more starting from scratch each time a new job opportunity comes in. 

Quick, professional quotes

Make your business stand out with beautifully designed and detailed quotes using our carpentry estimating software.

Bring your quotes to life by including images like planks, doors, shelving, or other custom wood elements.

Quote quickly and accurately based on your estimate and supercharge your RFQ process with dealers and contractors.

Easy job management and scheduling

Our comprehensive carpentry project management tools allow you to see all aspects of your construction project from easy-to-use dashboards.

Save time by building your schedule directly from your estimate and track purchase orders with lumber stores and other dealers.

Keep your entire team in the loop with automated email and text reminders.

Simple cost tracking and accounting

Track your woodworking, framing, cabinetry and other project budgets in real time from any device, anywhere. Nothing to download or install makes sharing and collaborating simple.

Create purchase orders and work orders in one simple dashboard and have peace of mind that you’re across all job budgets.

Easily integrate your existing accounting software, including Xero and Quickbooks.

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Pricing for Buildxact carpentry management software

Cloud-based | Instant access | Mobile-friendly 



per month

For the custom builder starting off with digital takeoffs and estimates to speed up quotes



per month

For a growing team of builders interested in scaling their business using end-to-end project management



per month

For a growing team of builders interested in scaling their business using end-to-end project management


Upload plans and instantly generate takeoffs online. Work with dealers to verify costs, and you’ll be ready to create your first complete quote in a fraction of the time of manual process. 

Connect your current accounting software to Buildxact, and upload any spreadsheets you have of clients, dealers or other contractors. 

Start building templates for your most common carpentry projects to speed up quotes going forward. 

We sure do. Buildxact’s carpentry estimating software is a great way to use item assemblies.

Item assemblies can be used to quickly add a prebuild of items into a project, including materials and labor. Carpenters can use item assemblies in Buildxact for things like framing, finish carpentry, or custom installs.

How to create and load item assemblies.
How to do framing.

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