Don't just run a business, make it a financial success

Improve invoicing and cash flow by syncing your project management and accounting.

The Buildxact invoicing screen in a laptop

Gain an edge with faster invoicing

Quickly design and send custom invoices that clearly show costs due, what’s been paid and how change orders impact the total.

Know your numbers

Connect paid invoices with Quickbooks or Xero and know where every dollar is going.

Invoice multiple ways

Use fixed, cost-plus or completion percent to fit the needs of your customer.

Boost accuracy and productivity

Presets quickly personalize invoices and ensure your customer service stays consistently high.

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A look at the Intuit integration screen in Buildxact on a laptop

Effortless financial tracking

  • Connect to Quickbooks or Xero to sync invoices and purchase orders. Less admin means fewer mistakes.  
  • Sync invoices back to your accounting software. 
  • Create one-click invoices and track full or partial payments. 
  • Keep customers informed with invoice statements that avoid surprises and disagreements on what’s owed.

No double handling of information

  • Manage profitability in real-time, with accurate item cost tracking – from electrical and tiling, to site prep and framing. 
  • Quickly create POs/WOs and easily enter dealer and contractor invoices on the go with one click.
  • Edit schedules, automatically update budgets and create purchase orders. 
Buildxact's cost tracking category breakdown screen in a laptop
A look at the Buildxact job details screen in a laptop

Easily manage resources

  • Access change order approvals with invoices highlighting changes from the old price to the new price.
  • Create change orders on the fly using integrated dealer price lists and takeoff measurements. 
  • Easily manage crew timesheets via the Deputy workforce management integration to track resourcing costs.  

Streamlined invoicing is just the start

Save time from first bid through takeoff to invoice. Buildxact makes estimating easy — flowing inputs seamlessly into a suite of construction management software tools that accelerate every step.


Automatically generate takeoffs, bills of quantities, and instantly add costing information to your bid. Just upload your PDF plans, then measure and price your jobs with a few clicks.

More Accurate

Load contract and pricing lists directly from spreadsheets or connect with your dealer’s live pricing.

More Professional

Quickly turn your estimates into sharp-looking quotes and invoices, using templates personalized with your logo, specifications, and PC/PS breakdowns.

More Efficient

Generate schedules automatically from your estimates. Identify critical paths. Adjust automatically when pushbacks occur, and save more time by keeping subcontractors in the loop via email and text.

Easy to integrate

Your Buildxact information flows straight into your accounting and management software. Integrations with Xero, Quickbooks, Deputy and other software takes you seamlessly from takeoff through billing.


Get the support you need. Our friendly team of experts are available to answer any question. We also offer interactive workshops, on-demand training webinars, a rich knowledge base of FAQs and tips and 1:1 consultation.

A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

Our Customer Success team is always a click away

Discover all the capabilities Buildxact has to offer


For builders: The Entry subscription is for builders, contractors and estimators just starting out with takeoffs and estimates using software. Buildxact designed Pro for builders already accustomed to using software and for builders typically involved in whole-of-house projects using small teams of 1-3 people. Pro offers a full set of project management tools, like scheduling and professional invoicing.

For dealers: The Pro package for dealers is designed for sales representatives and store managers looking to free up time spent on multiple pricing conversations so that more time can be spent consulting with customers. The Enterprise package adds the ability to control user access to specific features.

No. Upgrades, maintenance, support and unlimited training is all included in your monthly fee. The only time you pay extra is when you add users to your account. The size of the fee is based on your subscription package. Check our pricing page for all the details.

Yes, you will be billed monthly in advance, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

No. Buildxact is for construction estimation and construction management. It does not offer computer-aided design or drafting functions.

We offer what we call hibernate plans if you would like to pause your subscription and still save all your account data.

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