Customer management

Spend more time connecting with customers, less time organizing emails

From tracking leads to collaborating on plans, access and manage all your customer communications in one place.

  • Get to know your customers better with all your customer contacts, project information, notes, emails and texts centrally stored in Buildxact’s customer relationship management tool.
  • Convert more leads by tracking opportunities from qualifying to bidding in one central location ensuring no bid gets missed 
  • Deliver excellent customer service by keeping customers fully informed, from first contact to final invoice, via a secure Client Portal.
A builder working on-site using Buildxact on a phone
Builder plans for a construction project


Be first in, best dressed, best prepared. Always.

Make that memorable first impression that gains a competitive edge, with more accurate takeoffs and fast, professionally presented bids.

  • Cut bidding time by 80% with digital takeoffs and reusable estimate templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch.  
  • Complete always accurate takeoffs with Buildxact’s powerful takeoff tool that can capture and reuse measurements. 
  • Easily track RFQs with the ability to send one-to-many bid requests to dealers and subcontractors and view responses within the estimate.
  • Impress customers with tailored bid proposals you create using various layout options; move to contract quicker with digital acceptance.


Project management

Tools that track your projects, so you don’t have to

Use Buildxact to manage projects with powerful, easy-to-use project management tools that keep your schedule running smoothly.

  • Take the stress out of project scheduling with easy drag-and-drop online tools that can build schedules directly from your estimates.
  • Never miss a beat with reminders and notifications for subcontractors and dealers, keeping everything, and everyone, on track. 
  • Stay organized with individual, easy access folders that keep all project information – notes, plans and photos – in one place. 
  • Create always accurate purchase orders directly from your estimates with integrated dealer codes.
A builder using Buildxact on her laptop while on site
A person working on a set of plans with a pencil on a desk

Financial tools

Accounting doesn’t have to be taxing

Get back your evenings, with simple financial tools and invoicing that give you confidence that you’re making the profit you deserve.

  • Streamline your admin with easy, one-click invoicing tools to approve purchases and sync with Xero or Quickbooks.
  • Keep track of changes with the ability to obtain change order approvals and highlight old vs new prices within invoices. 
  • Keep your budgets under control with easy, real-time financial reports that compare estimates to actual spend, line-by-line or by category.

Dealer connection

Stronger partnerships with your dealer

Using a digital platform, build a more collaborative relationship with your dealer. Spend less time on pricing and more time finding the best materials for a quality build.

  • Perform your own takeoffs and estimates using dealer pricing to quote 5x faster and reach more customers to win more work.
  • Use integrated price lists straight from your dealer; ask for packaged SKUs from your dealer for one-click item assemblies that ensure you leave nothing off your order.
  • Complete online purchase orders using modern ERP systems that allow you to get administrative tasks done whenever convenient to you.
  • Delivery prompts to your dealer ensure on-time material shipments so that you have the materials when you need them. 
A builder using Buildxact on her laptop while on site

Sharpen your skills

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A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

A builder using Buildxact on his phone onsite

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