Builders and remodelers

To stay competitive in an increasingly complex industry, custom builders and remodelers deserve modern, simple project management software

Builders increasingly stressed and pressed for time need one tool that covers all the angles. With Buildxact, builders have a single software platform to complete takeoffs, quickly set and manage schedules, send final invoices and review financial reports.

Builder plans for a construction project


Successful dealers take time to get to know their builders and use Buildxact’s modern features to extend the relationship beyond conventional order fulfillment. 

They increasingly use software to predict and anticipate customer needs so that quality materials are delivered on-site, on time with accurate, integrated price lists. This high level of collaboration with the builder goes beyond time-consuming pricing conversations. Successful dealers know creating a loyal customer base via consultation and collaboration is critical to long-term success.


Accountants, consultants and coaches provide builders with a wide array of services

Builders also belong to industry trade groups, associations and educational groups. All of these relationships present an opportunity to partner online using modern, cloud-based software. Builders conveniently use Buildxact to connect to financial reports and documentation from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Case studies

Online tutorials help Dallas builder quickly learn Buildxact

Buildxact solved Matthew’s need for speed and accuracy from takeoffs to the bidding process. He’s fielding few phone calls and clarifying fewer details because Buildxact lays everything that needs to be bid. Accuracy has become more and more critical for builders because a little mistake five years ago is a huge mistake in today’s environment when it comes to material costs.


A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

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