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Save time – save money – take control of your business. Build your way with Buildxact remodeling estimating software.

More time, less hassle. Job done!

Our software streamlines remodeling project estimating so you quote more and win more work. It’s the simple way for construction professionals to grow their business.

The XACT moment my business turned the corner


Enjoy a better work/life balance

Win back time and make that dream vacation a reality

Get back to your Sunday afternoon

Take off for the trail instead of doing takeoffs in the office

Make your evenings your own again

One simple solution that gets the job done so that when you’re offline, you’re really offline

Start working smarter

Online tools to help you build a better business and get your life back


80% faster takeoffs

Forget messy paper plans and scale rulers. Complete your takeoffs and estimates online, in one place.

Quote 5x more quickly

Using integrated dealer pricing and item assemblies, you can quote quickly and accurately.

1 end-to-end system

Easily transition from estimating to project management, and cost-tracking, which compares estimates to actual spend.

Get in sync

Integrate with the leading accounting, staff management and email providers, so you continue to use the software you know and love.

Simple software for busy builders

  • Inspired from the feedback of builders and specialty contractors, Buildxact is an all-in-one solution.
  • You know time equals money. Use Buildxact to power through more estimates in less time.
  • Trusted by builders and remodelers, join them, and leave the spreadsheets behind so that you focus on what you do best.

from takeoff
to invoice

80 %




Win more work with accurate material and labor costs

Find your competitive edge with quick, professional bids. Fast takeoffs and exact estimates put you front and center with your customers.

“A takeoff for a build, could take two, three days, up to a week. With Buildxact, I’m down to under a day to get all my takeoffs done and ready to quote, and also ready to order when the job comes through.”

– Hagen Shaw, Shawco Building

More than an estimating tool; Buildxact is project management software

Accurate takeoffs and material and labor costs reduce the risk of material delays and pricey last-minute change orders.

“The software makes it easier to communicate between all my subcontractors. It gives me the bird’s-eye-view that is required to pick alternate time slots if someone is delayed and to notify every other subcontractor down the line.”

– John McBride, BlackTree LLC

A stylized look at the Buildxact dashboard for builders
A stylized look at the financial categories section of Buildxact

Control your profitability

Know your numbers and see your profits with everything in one place, automatically integrated with your accounting software.

“The cost management side’s been huge for us…we can actually see, on the spot, exactly where our costs are…it’s streamlined stuff for us, it’s made life a lot simpler.”

– Dale Spencer, Southern Ocean Building Consulting

Easy to start, easy to use

Straightforward software with support just a click away. Mastering Buildxact is easy, helping you start quickly. Save time immediately, and create more time for what you love.

“Getting started with Buildxact was pretty easy. It took me a day or so to get the hang of it … once you get into it, it’s really easy to use.”

– Scott Gammack, Smith & Sons

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