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Easy-to-use construction bidding software

Win more work with professional, simple home construction bids

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Be first with accurate and professional bids

Behind the desk more than on the job? Save time spent in the office when quoting faster and more accurately with Buildxact. Get started in hours with included training and support for construction bidding software that generates quotes 5x faster. 

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A stronger business begins with an efficient bidding process

  • Send bid invitations to customers that are formatted and well-presented with detailed specifications and images.
  • As homeowners thoroughly review all bid responses, stand out with a professional quote that clearly details your cost estimate.
  • Use the Buildxact software to share project documents and your business details.
  • As your bid process becomes a reliable tool for gaining new customers, your business will grow stronger and more efficient.

Include accurate material and labor costs for complete project data

  • Bid construction projects in less time using an easy-to-use online takeoff tool that generates estimates in a simple construction cost estimating layout.
  • Use it once or save it to use again as a template.
  • Add labor rates from your network of subcontractors to create bids that include line items for overhead, wages and other expenses such as taxes and time off. Include markup to ensure your profit margin.
  • Maintain a library of your most common jobs and tasks.
  • Templates and bidding history from Buildxact construction estimating software give you consistent pricing and predictable revenue and profit.

Create detailed estimates by working with your dealer

  • Be the premier choice among construction professionals and general contractors as you prepare accurate bids using the latest material pricing sent straight from your dealer directly to your desktop computer or mobile device.
  • Collaborate with your dealer online to order the highest quality materials and have them delivered to your job site when you need them.
  • Be confident knowing costly delays are avoided when no items are missed.
  • Through Buildxact, have your dealer carefully review your order and suggest the best materials for the job.

Supercharge your contractor RFQs with Buildxact bid management software

  • Save time when you send RFQ invitations to multiple construction contractors within your labor network.
  • Ensure labor costs are in line with budgets and stay on target throughout the project to consistently generate profits for your business.
  • Use Buildxact construction bidding software to track who’s accepted your invitations, compare bids based on consistent responses, and pick the most suitable one for your construction project.
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Accurate estimates are the key to profitable, successful construction projects

  • Don’t just guess at your submitted bids. Know your costs and get your bid packages working for you.
  • Buildxact includes online estimating software that generates your bid based on highly accurate material and labor costs.
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Buildxact is the all-in-one tool for construction professionals

Construction professionals know ordering materials and scheduling contractors is only half the job. As work progresses, Buildxact offers visual tools to track progress against both your schedule and your budget.

Strengthen your project management as you generate live updates to make sure work is completed on time and on budget. Use Buildxact to post projects online so that customers can access an easy-to-use customer portal to see how work progresses.

Finally, use budget analysis to compare your estimate to actual costs. Use this comparison to inform future projects, and use Buildxact to connect to Xero or Quickbooks for seamless financial reporting on your business.

A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

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