Features for Builders & Remodelers

Easy-to-use construction budgeting software for builders and contractors

Track and manage your budget in real-time

Track the key financials of your project with ease, by category or by item. Training and support are available when needed to get the most out of our user-friendly cost tracking software.

Track item costings

From electrical and tiling, to site prep and framing, track the cost of each item and figure out your total construction price with accuracy and ease.

Easily create PO/WOs

Quickly create purchase and work orders and enter dealer invoices – all in one clean and simple dashboard.

A look at the Buildxact invoices screen in a Macbook

Control budgets across one or multiple jobs

Always know if a job is within budget and improve future estimates with easy cost-tracking that compares the estimate to your actual spend, line-by-line or category.

Sharpen your skills

Stay ahead of the game

Buildxact solved Matthew's need for speed and accuracy from takeoffs to the bidding process. He's fielding few phone calls and clarifying fewer details because Buildxact lays everything that needs to be bid. Accuracy has become more and more critical for builders because a little mistake five years ago is a huge mistake in today's environment when it comes to material costs.

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A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

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