“The benefit of Buildxact is how it’s improved our operations in general, mostly from an estimating standpoint.” 

About the builder: 

Blue Bexar is a small and growing residential construction company in San Antonio, Texas, with three full-time employees. Dustin Ballew is the owner and serves as the general contractor and manager of pretty much everything. As a general contractor, the company does anything from bathroom remodels to new builds to high-end decking. 

“Estimating is such an important part of my job and the job in general.” 

The scenario: 

Dustin grew up in the industry using sets of paper plans, and today, most plans are all in digital format. His options were to pay for prints, work off his screen, and add up the fractions and decimals to get his quantities or look for a software solution to automate the process. In addition to organizing his business, estimating was the main reason for his search for an end-to-end construction management software solution. 

“One of the main reasons I chose Buildxact was to be able to do takeoffs in a PDF format and save all that information where I don’t have to do it again and again and again.” 

The solution: 

Dustin wanted to control his quality output, and that’s when he knew it was time to look for software to manage his employees and subs, the range of projects — including materials, labor, and workload — and accurate estimating. Buildxact marked a lot of boxes for Dustin, and the main one is the estimating software, and that it integrates with his preferred accounting software, Quickbooks. His sales are better now that he can send a quote that is accurate and looks professional. 

“It’s been a big time saver.” 

The result: 

Transitioning to Buildxact from manual input, especially on paper, was the most significant benefit for Dustin and his company because the information is saved. So, when material costs change, it’s a quick fix in one place, saving time. 

Buildxact has also helped with customer relations with the Client Portal allowing its customers to download images they like and don’t like. Everything is recorded, so everyone’s on the same page. 

“Buildxact fit the bill the most for me because it provides everything I need to run my construction company without the extras I don’t need.” 

Advice to other builders: 

“Reinvest in tools that make you better at what you do.” 

Try Buildxact yourself: 

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